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Help Ohio Pets

Justice Animal Rescue suffered a devastating fire over the weekend and they lost 8 dogs and their facility. They still have 45 dogs in foster but they are going to have to rebuild. They believe it was an air conditioning unit. They have contacted us for Kennel Quilts. They work with Fort Defiance Humane Society in OH. That's how they know about Kennel Quilts and asked for our help.

If you have some Kennel Quilts you could send them that would be great. So many furbabies need our help.


Justice Animal Rescue (JAR)
18280 State Route 114
Grover Hill Ohio 45849

Please let us know how many quilts you are making and send us a picture if you can.

If you are unable to make a quilt, but still want to help, you can send a donation to Petfinder .

Thank you for your help with this effort.

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